In 2011 I qualified as a casework supervisor, working in this role across Bristol schools for a charity called School-Home Support. I learnt that high quality supervision is key to supporting the delivery of effective interventions for children and families.

Within my private practice I offer casework supervision to school staff, including SENCOs, parent support advisors and family support practitioners, to enable:

  • The ability to discuss and reflect upon your work with families.
  • A space in which to develop your professional practice and understanding.
  • Time to explore and process the personal feelings and emotions resulting from the work you do.
  • A professional perspective on casework and good practice.

I use the ‘seven-eyed model’ of supervision developed by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet to support a:

  • Focus on your client
  • Focus on your interventions with your client
  • Focus on your relationship with your client
  • Focus on your process with your client
  • Focus on our relationship as supervisor and supervisee
  • Focus on my process as your supervisor
  • Focus on the wider context (organisational and professional influences)

For more information or to discuss your supervisory needs, please go to the ‘contact’ tab to arrange a free consultation. Supervision sessions can be delivered online or face-to-face within your school setting.

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